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The Kodel Group (TKG)

 is an indie publisher who can get your book published 

on a global scale in print, e-Books and audio-books with our partners

 Amazon, Amazon Global, iTunes and Audible.


Publishing is a complicated and precise endeavor.


The information provided here serves only as a 'guideline.' It will however, give you a fairly sufficient understanding of the mechanics of what we offer with our literary and publishing services. 

 This is our role. This is our passion.

We hope your life is much more romantic and joyful than the intricacies and nuances of this industry. So do not get too bogged down in the details—that’s our job!

Our primary objective here is to get good work published.

Clean. Simple. Royalty Ready.


We promote our publishing list 

as best we can given our limited advertising budget.

 It is your responsibility & expense to 

pursue avenues of marketing and social media exposure.

We can certainly help with micro-targeting to help find your readership because we rather enjoy it, but you will have to bear the full expense. 

Most authors are simply unprepared and 

under funded for this critical core component.

Most think just because they've written a book people can find it. 

That's just not the case. You have to help them find it. 

And that takes money. You can begin with a shoestring budget.

Regardless how much your advertising budget is, 

it in no way, repeat, no way guarantees success. 

You must understand this. 

Your work must stand on its own merits. 

If we accept your manuscript for publication it will conform to industry standards. We reformat and reconfigure our published titles into eBooks and audio-books at our discretion or when practical and applicable. 

We also help those wishing to self-publish

Our fee is based on the amount of consultation time you require. 

We have provided a wealth of information on this website 

you might care to read first.

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The Kodel Group, LLC is a licensed-registered publisher & literary agency, 

recognized by the Library of Congress.  


Honor with Distinction


The publisher and founder of the Kodel Group, LLC is the noted and award winning author and creator of the Stevie Tenderheart comic strip and children’s book series. 

Born in Ashland, Oregon and raised in Pismo Beach, California, Klamath Falls, Burns, Grants Pass & Coos Bay, Oregon, Steve enjoyed an idyllic childhood.  {When he was three years old, however, his family moved! ... but he found them again.} 

Steve has an extensive publishing background. He is a hands-on publisher. (Good for you; for us, not so much.) He can be relentless in his pursuit of excellence. But he does it with a wink & a grin & incredible instincts/insight on what works & what doesn't. 

Steve served an honorable and distinguished 22-year military career in the United States Air Force as both enlisted and officer (#Mustang) attending evening classes at colleges and universities. It took Stevie twelve (12) years to earn his four college degrees during his off-duty time and weekends. 

Steve has been awarded 41+ military commendations, awards, citations, medals & ribbons for marksmanship (M-16/.38), distinguished graduate, Commandant's Award for Leadership, Bronze Star device for Desert Storm/Shield and lauded by top Pentagon officials as the "Outstanding USAF Administrator of the Year."

Before becoming the Superintendent of Publishing at Headquarters 15 Air Force, he was the Chief of Administration for two years with the USAF / Presidential Honor Guard (Washington DC) under President Reagan; he also served a 3-year special duty tour with the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) at the Pentagon; a second, special duty, joint-service tour for  5-years with the Commander-in-Chief, Pacific (CINCPAC) a Marine Camp (aka Camp H. M. Smith, Hawaii) with his brothers in arms representing the Navy, Army, Marines and Air Force. 

Steve also served as the Executive Officer (XO) to three base commanders and was the first 8th Operational Support Squadron Section Commander, serving in Korea--a 16 month remote tour, supporting two F-16 fighter squadrons before his retirement on New Year's Eve 1993. (The world still celebrates every year with firework displays.)

He was nominated for a White House Fellowship during the Bush Administration for the upcoming Clinton Administration and was a 2012 & 2016 a presidential candidate/ nominee for the Kodel Party (K-OR) vision where as the founding architect of the Kodel Party, he outlined his hard-working, Middle Class 'platform' for truer representation for America the Beautiful.  

Steve hopes to invite a common sense dialogue among all political tribes & millennials but especially those in the middle-class who are quite simply devolving to the lower class. He sees a new America on the horizon. As a dark horse, write-in candidate, he received presidential votes in both elections.  

Explore the website: KodelParty.us and help #WinUSBack.

As Superintendent of Publishing for Headquarters 15th Air Force, whose first commander was General Jimmy Doolittle, Steve was charged with overseeing some 13 bases including Alaska, Washington, California, Texas, Montana, Wyoming & Guam. His innovations, range of leadership, management and responsibility led to his being lauded by top Pentagon officials as the “USAF Outstanding Administrator of the Year – Worldwide.”  

 In a word, you are in extremely capable hands. 







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