I oftentimes ask potential clients 

if they write because they want to or because they have to?  

The distinction is clear! 

It also separates them from the casual wordsmith. 

This is your time on the planet. 

If you have already done something profound, then write it down. 

Get it to us. 

If your calling is to become a writer, we want to hear from you.

Most assuredly, you will achieve a definitive level of satisfaction & pride by becoming a 'published author.' A certain amount of prestige; a marked elevation of self-esteem, credibility—even inner peace and joy—are all achieved. When we publish your stories for the world to see, for all time, this truly is your legacy, documented! 

The first time you are asked for an autograph however, express yourself with some tenor of humility. Try not to giggle or skip to my Lou, as this will completely diminish the spirit & dignity of this paragraph on your profoundness!

It is a great honor to be a published author…it is our humble duty to play a role. But mostly, just have fun and tell your stories. 

There's nothing like it, writing ...

 The End

Steve William Laible, MBA


Captain, USAF (Ret)

Author, Stevie Tenderheart Books

Print, eBooks, Audio-books 

(Amazon, iTunes, Audible)

Creator, First Draft Cartoons

Stevie Tenderheart Comic Strip

Post Script

You must determine what your marker for success is—financial or personal satisfaction? This is a complicated & highly competitive endeavor. Achieving success for most authors is relative at best.

While (TKG) can get your book published 

on a global scale, that's the easy part, 

making it available worldwide, 

we cannot guarantee your financial success—no one can. 

Well, perhaps the tooth fairy can. 

Do remain realistic and hopeful.