Raise Money for Yourself or Organization


We will help you raise the money you need! 



Our partnership with you is based on the same business model as Girl Scout Cookie sales, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Sees Candies, etc. We proudly provide the product, you provide the sales force. (Bake sales & car washes are so last year.)  You can raise $25,000+ as easy as A-B-C...for your teams, bands, travel needs, animals, friends, families, neighbors & colleagues. 

Whether you are a coach, scout, band or orchestra member; play sports or a participant in cheer, drill, theater, academic excellence, dance, 4-H, or are a member of a church, club, social group, band or a soccer mom trying to raise money for uniforms, equipment or travel destinations or a teacher needing money for classroom supplies, field trips or parties, or a city chamber needing to raise funds for a community 4th of July fireworks celebration, a food pantry, animal sanctuary, or helping with some grave community tragedy (house fire, car accident, illness, funeral expenses, medical bills) we will help you raise the money you need


1. Help raise the much needed money through community partnerships. 
2. Offer compelling novels & fantastic children's books.  

3. Provide kids with work experience earning their own money.


This is our culture here at Kodel Publishing. 

Raise money for yourself, club, group or organization selling our books. This is a superb entrepreneurial experience for children. The logistics are quite manageable, efficient and fun. This can be a one-time or continuing partnership. 

Our talented, local authors and illustrators have produced some outstanding books in fiction, non-fiction, children's, gumshoe detective, 

sci-fi & romance, as well as some delicious cookbooks too. 

Our entire publishing list is available for fundraising. Currently, we have 30 titles in print appealing to a wide customer base giving you a great variety to choose from when selecting your inventory. 

As a rule of thumb, depending on the title, you can earn from $5 to $20 per book. The average retail price is $9.95. The lowest priced book is $4. The highest, is $24.95. You have permission to sell our titles below retail pricing to stimulate sales. You can raise a lot of money pretty quickly, depending on the size of your group, club or organizational efforts. More if you utilize social media effectively. 

Help Wanted: KIDS (Up & Coming Entrepreneurs)
Beyond fundraising we also offer you the chance to earn money and learn skills running your own small business. Earn your own money selling books from our publishing list. This is so much better than having a paper route or lemonade stand. The sky's the limit. 

Introduce yourself with a polite, inviting smile and the world welcomes you. Always dress for success. Uniforms and name tags help identify you as a professional. Be kind, courteous and well-groomed when dealing with the public and you will go far. 

Based on your efforts, knowledge of your product, positive attitude, personality, confidence & customer service you will learn salesmanship, inventory management, fulfillment, responsibility, accountability and cash! Always be a good listener. You must be dependable & energetic. We encourage initiative. You must save 20% for college. Deal?

We offer ALL novels and kids' books at just $4!

(Cookbooks are just $7)

Freight: 50 cents per book. 



Delivery 10-15 days. Pressmen do not like it when they are rushed and will likely spit on your pages. So plan wisely.  


All orders must be prepaid ~ (Cash, Check, PayPal & Credit Cards ). 

Having books readily available to sell gives you immediate access to your funds. It also saves you from fulfillment responsibilities later which can be problematic, time consuming & labor intensive.


If you go this route: Simpy take orders, collect payments and submit those orders to us. 

PRINT ON DEMAND (POD)  Our business model is highly efficient. We only print books where we have prepaid purchase orders.  


Whether taking orders using a sign-up sheet at big box stores, door to door sales or online, it is your responsibility for fulfillment. This can be accomplished by having a full inventory at the ready when making point of purchase sales or by  offering a familiar, centralized pick-up location or returning to neighborhoods and delivering books from those customers who supported your fundraising effort. It is simply cost prohibitive for you to mail books to individual customers. 



We simply cannot supply you with 'free' inventory as you can well imagine. Books in your possession can become lost or damaged and therefore not returnable to us so we have eliminated that financial risk in this fundraising/business model. It is your responsibility to keep your inventory in good condition for sales. Using a sign-up sheet  can give you exact quantities and eliminate over-purchasing.

Our authors are proud to help communities around the country. They get to expand their readership in meaningful ways while helping youth and organizations raise money for their very worthwhile endeavors.  We offer our books to you at cost so you can make the profit. The upside for our authors is, they get the much needed exposure for their books which helps them build a global, bestselling readership.

You may sell our books on your websites. 

Fundraising offline is limiting in scope because of the localized footprint but you will have immediate access to the money you collect. 

You determine how to best maximize your fundraising efforts. Depending on the size of your group and the far-reaching global implications of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) you will be amazed at how much you can do for those you are trying to help. 

Using the power & vastness of social media you can generate online sales far beyond the scope of just setting up tables outside of big box stores, or in parking lots, fairs, markets or canvassing neighborhoods by ringing door bells. 

In fact, using the internet, your tipping point can come as early as overnight, earning you far more than your projected goals or expectations! 

People are generous; especially when they are supporting fundraisers & especially when they get something for the give. Never underestimate the kindness of others...

Depending on your club, group or organizational reach, you can expand your fundraising efforts into many countries in tremendous ways. High school exchange programs & foreign language classes can benefit greatly by partnering with their sister cities/schools. 

Contact us when you are ready to begin raising some serious money for your event. 

Good luck with your fundraising efforts.

In honor & service to our communities,


Steve William Laible, MBA 
Captain, USAF (Ret)

Publisher, The Kodel Group, LLC
Creator, First Draft Cartoons:
~ Stevie Tenderheart comic strip
Author, Stevie Tenderheart Books 

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